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Two Headed Boy by Kai Carlson-Wee and Anders Carlson-Wee (Now Shipping!)


Paper Back – 978-0-9962585-1-7

Pages: 31

Organic Weapon Arts Chapbook Series



Product Description

Selected by Laura Kasiche for the 2015 David Blair Memorial Prize. Ships at the end of August.

From the Judge:

TWO-HEADED BOY is everything a collection of poetry can be:  an abundance and a dialogue and a vision.  The two heads here work together seamlessly, but distinctly, with visionary fervor that is solidly linked to everything that’s the earth.  The imagined and the unsaid collide head on with specifics so sensory they burn, they freeze,they illuminate, and they turn off the lights at once, leave you in a darkness where everything is at its brightest.  These voices have kidnapped me.  I was only two poems into this chapbook before I knew it was the poetry I’d been waiting my whole life to read.

Laura Kasischke

Additional Praise:

Two-Headed Boy invites us into a dream America is having about itself, where the voices are both the road and the kicked-up gravel dust, memory and the occasion for memory, the flame and its shadow. An entrancing investigation of place and self and other, a spell one never wants broken.

Michael McGriff

I love how hard this book looks at the physical world, and how that looking turns into music.

Ross Gay






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